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The only full-service sports turf product and maintenance company in the region, J&D Turf is stronger than ever. The synergies produced from the recent partnership between J&D Turf and ATS have greatly expanded J&D Turf’s product offerings. J&D Turf and ATS are the exclusive dealers of Natural Sand Company soil amendments, infield mixes, and mound clays in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

For most fields, the difference between a field that looks good on a sunny gameday and one that holds up during the extremes of tournament play comes down to the right products, in adequate proportions, and use of the proper tools. J&D Turf uses their extensive knowledge and experience so your field benefits from the proven sports turf science that dictates best practices from the Professionals to the Little Leagues, and everyone in between.

J&D Turf Product Offerings

  • Grass Seed
  • Infield Condtioners, Mixes & Amendments
  • Fertilizer
  • Warning Track Material
  • Fungicides
  • Mound Clays
  • Herbicides
  • Specialty Athletic Field Products (i.e. field netting, pitching rubbers etc.)
  • Insecticides
  • Field Maintenance Equipment (i.e. rakes, drags, paint etc.)
  • Specialty Chemicals


J&D Turf Suppliers

Both J&D Turf and Natural Sand Company know that every athletic field is unique. This is why Natural Sand created, and J&D Turf carries, the DuraEdge line of infield mixes. These mixes have been engineered to meet the specific needs of any softball or baseball field. While most infield soils are simply mined from the ground, screened off at a certain size and sold, at Natural Sand Company, screening is just the beginning. After harvesting the raw materials Natural Sand mechanically blends the sand and clay together at specific ratios. By utilizing available scientific tools, DuraEdge products take the guesswork out of infield skin performance. Additionally, DuraEdge Infield Mixes remain serviceable season after season resulting in less maintenance and lower ownership costs.

Another of Natural Sand Company’s lines, FieldSaver is an alternative to costly "remove and replace" infield solutions. FieldSaver is designed to combine with existing infield skin material to correct soil imbalances. FieldSaver amends existing infield mix to condition, add clay content and bind the material - all in one application. The cornerstone of Natural Sand’s revolutionary Engineered Soil Technology (E.S.T.) program, FieldSaver saves J&D Turf’s clients thousands of dollars.

Much like J&D Turf’s Smart Turf approach, the E.S.T. program is based on soil science and test results – not guesswork. The Engineered Soil Technology program is a revolutionary three-step process for improving poor performing infields without removing and replacing the existing infield surfaces. The program assesses the current state of an infield and then prescribes specific corrective measures to transform a poor infield into one with the highest performance possible. Simply stated, it is a “Prescription for Playability.”


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