Consulting Services

How we can help you

J&D Turf believes that the potential in every field is realized by understanding the science that drives healthy turf, what they call "Smart Turf". Translating that know-how to projects is what the company's consulting services are all about. Some clients have the manpower to work athletic fields but need direction on what will produce the greatest impact. Other clients, such as architecture and civil engineering firms, need assistance approaching athletic fields in a manor different from the common greenspace. J&D Turf's consulting services range from one-time site visits by the experienced crew to lengthy consulting engagements with Jamie Mehringer.

J&D Turf Consulting Services:

  • Project Design & Planning
  • Incorporating Athletic Fields into Campus Infrastructure
  • Athletic Field Master Planning
  • Owner's Representation
  • Budget Planning
  • Specification Writing
  • Project Management
  • Fertilizer Programs
  • Soil Testing & Analysis
  • Infield Mix Testing & Analysis